Come on… Oh, fuck all this!

More Construction!

Yeah, I mean fuck it. I hate it, too. If it stopped with the paychecks, I'd be stuck in traffic and bitching right with you!

Flagger Holding The Slow/Stop Thing As I Pulled Up Once Tweet

I live in Illinois and have seen it my whole life, so I mean I get it. The roads take a lot of abuse in the winter, then spring comes and screws with the way the ground works. The roads can’t plan for what’s going to happen and they get messed up. 

What I don’t get is why it takes so darn long. I mean, if they were fixing it so that the road was going to last 20+ years, then, sure! Take two years to rebuild 10 miles. Instead, I’m going to see the same company, probably with a lot of the same equipment and personnel, working on the same stretch of road in 5 years.

So, I definitely have said “Oh, fuck construction!,” many times. I could think of a lot of ways to raise hell about road construction with, but not only is “Oh, FUCK CONSTRUCTION,” something people say, Oaf Huck is also a character I made up!

This guy is called Oaf Huck
This fella is the reason we're gathered here today, at OafHuck,construction

Huck wants you to think about, and then decide to buy a T-Shirt with “,” printed on it to assist in evangelizing his good name. He also encourages you to be adventurous. Explore all the URLs on the internet that are also fun to say when Oaf Huck is there

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